Are you constantly feeling stressed? Having trouble sleeping? Are you frustrated with everything and everyone around you?  Well masturbation might be the solution for you!

Putting the cheesy intro aside… Let me briefly tell you what masturbation actually is.  Masturbating is the act touching one’s self for sexual pleasure that can be performed in several ways.  For example, men may stroke their penis, women may rub their clitoris or insert fingers, or toys, into their vagina and both sexes may insert toys into the anus.  Studies have found several benefits to masturbating for both sexes.  Planned Parenthood has an entire page dedicated to explaining masturbation and its health benefits.  Just to list a few: masturbation may improve sleep, reduce stress and help to reduce sexual tension.  Many people believe masturbating is weird or wrong, however, it can be a great way to learn how your body works and help you be more comfortable with yourself. There’s no need to feel ashamed for trying out didn’t ways to pleasure yourself, learn what you like so that you can help show future partners what turns you on and gives you the most pleasure.

Anyway, as a Berkeley student, you have probably heard of the new resting areas with the nap pods and massage chairs, but sometimes you don’t have time go to those areas. So, on a stressful night after a midterm, or the night before a midterm, or during the day, masturbating in your room and bringing yourself to orgasm can help you feel calmer and maybe even sleep, without leaving the comfort of your home.   Enjoy yourselves, everyone!

~Sexpert Melissa