Ever been stressed before? Most people have experienced stress, especially adults. It can be caused by an overload of work or worrying about bills. Basically anything that can make you feel uneasy can cause stress. Some of the side effects that come with it are irregular eating patterns (whether overeating or undereating), insomnia, depression, difficulty with erections (whether maintaining one till orgasm or getting one at all), vaginal wetness (whether it’s not wet enough or just dry as a dessert), and others. The main hormone that is associated with stress is cortisol. Being stressed once in awhile isn’t bad, but chronic stress can cause increased blood pressure, weaken the immune system, and cause storage of subcutaneous fat.

Now those are all negative symptoms of stress that people usually dstresso not want. So how can you get rid of the stress? Well, everyone has different methods of relieving stress, but some things I do are working out, talking about my problems with my friends, cooking, and sex (if your stress isn’t hindering your ability to have sex). Sometimes when I do these things, it calms me down and i’m able to prioritize everything that is going on in life. Once everything is clear and organized in my head, I start doing things on my list. The more I get done, the less stressed I’ll be.


Hope you all enjoy this blog and happy stress awareness month!

~Sexpert Magic Mike