Midterm season is upon on us, we are being bombarded with test and papers one right after another. We find ourself staying up late at night, cramming the night before, and drinking lots of caffeine. March becomes a stressful time, turns out the theme of the month for the Sexual Health Education Program is stress! Yay March for being Stress Awareness Month! I would imagine stress is very common in college with all that homework, internships, jobs, and thinking about the future. So many aspects in college life can be overwhelming. It is crucial to try to remain calm and destress. Luckily there are new REST locations around campus, maybe someone’s way of getting rid of is taking a nap. There are various de-stressors including masturbation and sex!

Masturbation and sex can turn out to be some people’s choice to get rid of that stress in their life! Stress relief is about relaxing yourself and doing something you enjoy. What better way than to mastubate or have sex? Of course there are many other ways to relieve stress but if this one is yours looking into making it even more fun. Perhaps buying a new sex toy, treat yourself! Maybe trying out lube while you mastubate or have sex to enhance pleasure. There are different types of lube including lube that is hot and cold which can turn out to be a turn on in temperature play. There are flavored lubes that can turn out to be lots of fun if used properly. (PLEASE NOTE: do not use flavored lubes or flavored condoms in the vagina. This can cause irritations and lead to infections such as the yeast infections)!
Although there are various forms of destressers try to find your form of stress relief! There are various forms of stress relief don’t just limit yourself to one. Find what works for you and treat yourself because no one should stay stressed all the time! College life can be a stressful time but don’t let it get to you, make the most of it & enjoy it.

~Sexpert Jasmin