I have reached out to my community – the “wifeguards” or my female coworkers at my
lifeguarding job – a
nd there was lots of interest in sexy workshops! I’m thinking thatat least onedi69qd6i9
of the workshops should be more discussion based than presentation based, perhaps the last
one of the two or three so that we can discuss more openly the topics we will have covered.
Either that or keep every workshop an open forum the entire time, though this would have to be
structured specifically for interaction, I expect. The response from my community was positive
and I think everyone will benefit more if everyone contributes rather than just me and my
talking at them about these topics, and I expect it to be small enough that this
would work. No matter the exact structure, I want this to be dynamic and I’m excited, though a
little intimidated, to start planning it out because I imagine it will be a lot of work. Because we
already all know each other and are comfortable with each other, I see no issues inviting people
to share their personal experiences, give their input, or ask questions that might be
uncomfortable in other settings. And I also expect to be doing some learning myself in these
workshops because no two people can have the same perspective and I know I value and
respect my friends and their experiences.

In the next few weeks, I will reach out to the student leaders to see if anyone would want
to cofacilitate

these workshops with me as well as figure out specific times and locations for
them. I will also start outlining what we’ll be talking about from the resources we have in class
and probably a few others. There is a lot of work to be done but I’m pretty motivated to make
this a positive experience!

~SHEPI Melanie