A few week ago I had the incredible opportunity to table for National Condom Week. Tabling was incredibly fun, while at time it seemed like no one wanted to come up to the table, those that did were super friendly and really receptive to talking and exploring the different options for contraception and safer sex.


All in all, from my three tabling sessions, I talked to and interacted with combined total of about 75 to 100 people and they either asked questions, answered questions and took safer sex supplies with them. It was a really fun opportunity and one that made me feel really close to my fellow bears. It really felt like we all came together and bonded over safer sex. It was especially fun to help people add condoms to their valentines, whenever I brought up the idea everyone was really excited and thought it made their valentines even better (which I thought as well). Overall, I had a really positive experience tabling during NCW and I am excited to table more in the future!

~SHEPI Ivette