Healthy relationships are incredibly important. Those relationships can be with a significant other, family, friends and even yourself.


So we’re going to talk about having a healthy relationship with yourself. What does that mean? What does it look like and how can you maintain one?

Having a healthy relationship with yourself is all about self care, and learning to understand what you need and what you want. For example, not everybody can study for seven hours straight. Some people need a break every hour. In order to have a healthy relationship with yourself you have to get to know yourself better. Maybe you’re that person that needs those ten minute breaks after every hour of studying. If that’s the case, then don’t force yourself to be like that person who can study effectively for seven hours.


Relationships are all about respect, and this one is no different. Listen to yourself and learn the signs of stress, distress, happiness, etcetera.


So, here’s a short list of ways to start building a healthy relationship with yourself:


  1. Take yourself out! Have some you time, and go out (or stay in) and do something that you like to do. Go see a movie, get your favorite snack, go for a hike. Anything that you enjoy works, just treat yourself to some fun.
  2. Try keeping a journal. Communicate with yourself, and write down your thoughts, feelings, memories, what you did that day. Journaling can be a great stress reliever.
  3. Practice self acceptance. If you get a C on a test that you wanted to get an A on, it sucks but try not to beat yourself up over it. Work to do better on the next one, and don’t get too caught up the letters or the grades.


Having a healthy relationship with yourself is important. It’s the only one that you’re guaranteed to have for your entire life, so make it a good one.

~Sexpert Jamee