Tabling after 1pm on Wednesday (March 2nd) with Jasmin was a very mellow experience.  It actually seemed much more disappointing than tabling and being constantly rejected during the 12pm lunch rush.  At least when we table reach out to the crowds of people during rush times, there was a chance that 1 out of 10 people would come talk to us.  However, that day not many people walked by so it felt as though we didn’t reach out to many people.


Either way, it was an overall fun tabling experiences and definitely interesting due to several things.  One being that we were unable to find a fully stocked box, more supplies for the box, and the SHEP sign.  The table ended up being fairly bare but we managed to make it work.  Additionally, there was a strong burst of wind at one point, which blew condoms and flyers off of the table but some neighboring peers and some of the people who helped pick them up as they walked by took them.  In the end, it seemed we only reached about ten people who took a flyer or talked to us for a bit, but at least we reached out to some people and had fun in the process!

~Sexpert Melissa