“Wait, ugh, I can’t find the hole… ah, got it!” I embarrassingly and excitedly exclaimed in
front of my fellow SHEPIs, a phrase that one or two of us has probably uttered or heard at some
point in our lives. I finally succeeded in properly placing a dildo inside the boxerbrief
harness I was trying on during our tour of the sex toy store Good Vibrations. Our tour guide,
Andy, was full of sexy information – not just on the products in the store, but on sexual acts,
pleasure, mythdebunking,
and more, and he presented it all with openness and a great sense
of humor. Some of us were in Good Vibrations for the first time, likely impressed or even
surprised by the variety in products – and certainly curious about some of their uses – and some
of us were seasoned visitors, back to see what new products might be on the shelves. But all of
us had a unique opportunity to discuss and learn about the sex toy industry from someone
directly working in it, which was totally awesome. I now know why vibrators come in such a huge
range of shapes, and why this confuses some people: they expect sex toys to be phallic
shaped, which the majority of toys for external stimulation, like vibrators, generally aren’t. I
learned why some dildos look realistic – such as if someone especially wants their toy to look
and feel like a penis, or even if it is a part of their gender identity – and why some are wacky
colors and shapes, if someone actually does not want to be reminded of a penis while using it.
The point is, sex toys of every single type come in such a wide variety, and any person is bound
to find something that suits their needs and desires. I can’t describe them all here – you’ll have
to check out Good Vibrations for yourself!

~SHEPI Melanie