My community that I am choosing to focus my semester-long project on is my sorority, Alpha Phi. There are over 140 people in the sorority so therefore I will focus in on members of my Fall 2014 Pledge Class, of which there are 30 members.


I chose this community because I am a close friend to many of the members and I have been living in the Alpha Phi house for almost a year and a half. I’ve been a member since September 2014, my first semester at Cal, and it has provided me life-long friends and a home. What defines my pledge class community is that are all females who joined Fall 2014.

A sexual health topic that I would like to focus on is sexual activity. This topic is incredibly important to women in sororities and in general because in the Greek system, there are “exchanges” with fraternities and its brothers during the weekends and sometimes during the week. These exchanges usually involve alcohol, and with alcohol consumption is the risk of making rash and ill-informed decisions especially revolving around hooking up. I have heard so many conversations from women in my pledge class about who she hooked up with the night before and how many people she kissed. This topic of conversation scares me. I believe that these women should be aware of the risks when making decisions before going out—sexually transmitted disease, the pressure to hook up, herpes, etc.—and how to prevent negative outcomes from happening (unplanned pregnancies, STI’s, etc).

I will want to do two workshops. I start with Workshop 3, which will discuss healthy relationships, and finish with Workshop 6, which will discuss STI’s/HIV.