As a now experienced SHEP-ie, I was more confident going into National Condom Week tabling. This time around, I was tabling for two hours and had a plethora of supplies: different types of lube and condoms, dildos, a table, and many other SHEP-ies and Sexperts tabling with me. I liked handing out the bags of safer sex supplies we made during class that Tuesday that included 3 condoms and flyers about how to practice safer sex. I took to the center of Sproul with a wicker basket full of the bags and felt confident yelling out “National Condom Week!! Free condoms!!” I even gave a demonstration on how to put on a condom on Willy, the dildo! People flocked the table. Thanks to what I learned in SHEP, I was able to perfectly check the condom, prepare, place it on the dildo, and remove it. There were lots of sex-positive individuals that I talked to about NCW—one particular conversation I had was about different types of lube (water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based) and I handed the individual a sampling of the lubes on display. I thoroughly enjoyed Sprouling and I love National Condom Week! Next year, I’ll make sure to wear the penis or vulva costume….