Are you dealing with the Berkeley housing crisis right now? You know, the one where everyone in the dorms is essentially getting kicked out in order to accommodate the larger number of incoming freshman? Is it a huge stressor on top of all of your classes, extracurriculars, and work? I know my friends and I are dealing with that right now and I understand how much of a struggle is, especially when hearing the rent-ceiling is increasing soon, and having property managers that say they are going to help you find a place but they end up just wasting your time and money.


Well as someone in your shoes, I’m here to say: take a deep breath and relax because you’re going to be fine. It’s nearing the end of the semester and being incredibly stressed will only hinder your studying and deteriorate your mental health.  The best thing to do right now is handling time management, keeping up with your classes, and realizing you will definitely find a place, although it may not be with the friends you were planning to house with.

I just want to give a few relaxation tips that I have personally tried and that do not take up much time.  One common suggestion is meditation, however, I never feel I have enough but I have tried meditation apps that I listen to before I sleep (and usually fall asleep listening to them…) so that might be a good time-saving option.  Another one, that I have blogged about before is… masturbating!  Such a nice way to relax and pleasure yourself at the same time!  My last suggestion would be to find a small hobby, maybe writing stories or watching a few episodes of a show you enjoy. Don’t binge, but watch in moderation, and don’t get lost in the stress and become unmotivated.  You’re doing great so far in the semester, keep going or start catching up if you have to, and remember, you will find housing!

~Sexpert Melissa