On Friday, April 2nd, I got to table in front of the Tang Center.  It was a fairly windy afternoon, I even managed to catch the banner blowing in the photo of our table! It feels like I always manage to sign up for windy days, but maybe Berkeley is forever windy… Either way, I was more prepared this time with setting up, considering I didn’t forget to grab the tape, and resorting to more minimalistic set-up.


I really enjoy tabling in front of Tang!  In my first 15 minutes, after setting up, I probably had about 15 people take condoms and flyers.  I personally think there’s a different ambience when in front of Tang, people are more willing to listen and take a flyer, as opposed to being completely ignored in front of Sproul.   At that, there were only a few cases of being totally ignored, maybe like 4 walked by ignoring me when I asked them if they wanted a flyer.  Everyone else either took a flyer or declined politely, which is always comforting.  However, there was this one man with two young children, I didn’t ask to take a flyer but he took a second to read our banner.  Now, I’m not sure if it was because of our table, but he crossed almost immediately after reading our sign, so I thought that was pretty funny.  In the end, I had a lot of fun tabling and I cant wait for it to stop being windy!


-Sexpert Melissa