How many times have you had to study for a night before a test or write a paper that was due the next day? You probably did not get much sleep since you busted an all nighter and you probably did not feel fantastic the next day when you took your test or turned in your paper. You probably had to drink endless amounts of coffee to stay awake. Unfortunately, as college students, many of us are guilty of this. We are constantly being bombarded with assignments, projects, exams, and papers. So many due dates can can cause stress in our life, and lacking sleep can make it worse. A constant sleep schedule is good for our bodies, it is critical to get the sufficient amount of sleep in order for our bodies to have energy to continue throughout the day. Therefore, busting all nighters are not healthy for us and can even contribute to our stress.

Lack of sleep can affect others parts of our bodies. Including our motivations and sexual drive. Who wants to have sex when they are too tired? In addition, sleep deprivation can reduce performance and alertness which can cause us to doze off in lecture. This means memory and cognitive impairments, impairing our ability to think and process information! Being sleepy at work or while driving can also lead to injury. Overall, it might lead to a poor quality of life, leaving us unable to participate in certain activities that require attention including social events such as partying, watching a movie, or seeing a friend’s performance.

So make sure you get your adequate amount of sleep in order to live a better quality life. Adequate amount of sleep will allow you to better concentratem_3237982_JaaC1lOsNb9z in class and discussion. It will allow you to better comprehend material and process information. You might have more energy to engage in other activities such as community service, hanging out with friends, exercising, or having sex! Next time, study in advance or write the paper with time instead of having to do it the night before it is due!

~Sexpert Jasmin