Coach Carr from Mean Girls was a terrible health educator who gave a lot of inaccurate sexual health information, including about chlamydia! Although chlamydia is the most common STD, the good news that chlamydia is easily preventable and also easily treatable if you acquire it. It is especially prevalent amongst college-aged people.

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Chlamydia is a bacterial STD. Unlike viral STDs, chlamydia is very easily treatable in its early stages. It can be contracted through sexual intercourse and exposure to semen and vaginal fluid. Getting or giving chlamydia through oral sex is relatively rare but still possible. Preventing chlamydia is easy: all it takes is a condom! You can reduce your risk by using condoms or dental dams-available in the SHEP clinic!


Many times, chlamydia has no symptoms, especially in women, however a urine test will detect chlamydia even if there are no visible symptoms. When there are symptoms they could occur in the form of abdominal pain, abnormal discharge, swelling, or the urge to urinate more than normal. If you’re worried about an incident where you had unprotected sex and might have contracted chlamydia, talk to your medical provider about testing for it.


-”Slap Me Consensually” Susannah