Have you ever felt stressed? If you’re a student, I’m sure you have at some point. Its totally normal.stress


But have you ever found yourself comparing your stress to others?


This person is doing so much more than me. I have no right to feel this stressed.

Why aren’t they as stressed as I am?


These thoughts are normal, and a lot of people have them. We often look to our peers to try to understand ourselves, but when it comes to personal stress (among other topics) it can be very dangerous and very detrimental to your own mental health to compare yourself to another person.


Everybody’s stress is different, and the way that everybody reacts to stress is different. Everybody has a different life, different mind and different thoughts, so comparing your stress or your life to another is, to be cliché, like comparing apples and oranges. Comparing your stress to another person’s will only trap you in a cycle of stress, rather than releasing you from it. You are allowed to feel stressed, upset, worried or concerned about whatever is going on in your life, because your concerns are just as valid as anybody else’s.


This being said, stress is still something that you want to address. Ignoring it will only make it worse, and being over stressed can be very negative to your well being. Stress is normal, but too much can be dangerous. Make sure you take a break each day to distress and relax a bit, and to remind yourself that your concerns are valid, but don’t let them takeover your life.

~Sexpert Jamee