Being busy students, it is often easy to overlook our own basic needs for turning in our assignments or doing our readings. Self care is an extremely important part of life, and it is important that we don’t let our priorities as students outweigh our priorities of taking care of ourselves.


Self care can mean a lot of things, but one of the things that people don’t often think about is how important it is to make sure that you get checked for STIs frequently.


It’s a good idea to get STI tested every year, or every six months. The more partners you engage with, the more frequently you should get tested, just to make sure that you are safe and healthy.


Here are some great things to keep in mind when you’re planning to get tested after engaging in sexual activities;


How long after engaging in sexual activities should I wait to get tested? The answer to this question for each STI will be different.


STI Name How Long
Chlamydia 1-5 days
Gonorrhea 2-6 days
Syphilis 3-6 weeks
Hepatitis A 2-7 weeks
Hepatitis B 6 weeks
Hepatitis C 8-9 weeks
Oral Herpes 4-6 weeks
HIV Antibody test; 1-3 months

RNA test for early detection; 9-11 days


After engaging in sex that you think may have put you at risk for STI transmission, sometimes the first urge is to run down and get tested immediately, but for many of the possible STIs that you can contract, there isn’t enough time for the infection to incubate and show on the tests. Unfortunately this means having to wait to get tested, but it is important to know when you can go and get accurate results.

~Sexpert Jamee