Hello everybody. After a nice relaxing spring break it was finally time to come back to Berkeley. I miss my mom’s food, but crossroads will have to do until summer.  The end of spring break marks the beginning of campaign season. This season is infamous for candidates and their supporters’ sprouling hardcore.  As a result many students tend to avoid walking on Sproul. In addition to campaign season, the time period after spring break is when prospective Cal tagvidhistudents come to visit. These future freshmen get their first look of the Berkeley campus and what it has to offer. So, as you might have already guessed, tabling was quite different than usual.  I tabled along with Autumn the first Wednesday back from spring break. Since many students were avoiding Sproul, we didn’t get to reach out to the students as much as we used too.  When I usually table, at least most of the condoms I am handing out are gone by the end of my shit, but this time we still had many condoms left.  Since there were less students walking about, less condoms were passed out. In addition, many prospective students were touring Sproul with their parents. It was funny to see these students looking at our stand. They would pretend not to notice our table because they were walking with their parents.  Tabling was uneventful because there was allot going on in Sproul.  The students that tended to notice our table were those who knew about the sexual health education program.  One student came up to me and asked me many questions regarding barrier methods of birth control. It was a nice way to display my knowledge that I learned in SHEP.   In addition, fellow SHEPI, Autumn,  and I practiced our SHEPI skills by putting a condom on our trusty friend woody.  Overall, tabling was very low key and calm. We didn’t get as many visitors as we would have liked but that is understandable with campaign season.


Have a Great Week!

– SHEPI Vidhi