In the Sex 101 decal, we always discuss sexual identities and open up the discussion of importance and definitions which leads to passionate conversations revolving around definitions of specific identities. I have found that there is a wide range of people from individuals that had not heard of the importance of using the correct pronouns to people who have highly specialized definitions for identities and expression. Regardless of the range, it is always good to open up the discussion to show that there is more than one definition as different people can apply it different ways to their own sexuality and gender expression.

Amongst the facilitators and the students sapiosexual gendercornseemed to be the sexual identity that brought the most confusion. Sapiosexuality is defined as an individual who is attracted to intelligence and people felt as if they could not connect and understand this newer commonly used identity. However, this seemed to be mainly because it was an unfamiliar identity that they had not heard of before and overall agreed to not invalidate an individual’s self-identification due to lack of understanding.

Overall this discussion always brings such an open discussion as it remains a sensitive topic to discuss with peers. But it is good to remind ourselves of varying opinions and become aware of the importance of this conversation.