Let’s talk about pornography! It’s always such a shamed topic to discuss but in the Sex 101 decal we encourage people to talk about it openly, from the good to the bad and ugly. To be admitted, we do find a lot of negatives that come within the industry of pornography but we do not want to shame and hide from even discussing these issues openly.

Beginning with the positive aspects of pornography, we discussed how although it may be a higher risk environment for the performing models, there is required free STI testing that must be performed every 14 days in order to hire a performer. When discussing contracts, better companies often have strict limits on the contracts that outline exactly what is expected of the model and what will be performed. Therefore, with this open guideline in the beginning, in theory, there should be no surprises for the models. However, there is a much longer list of negatives as there remains unfair wages for models, cases of rape and blackmail, inherit racism, and lack of preventative safer sex methods.

In addition to this, as I did more research on the pornography industry there were issues with film permits which allow industries in California and New Hampshire to film pornography legally. In order to film, the industry needs a film permit which requires a health permit that proves the site is adhering to CAL OSHA health and safety regulations. However, due to the extended process to require to get a film permit, they are currently down 90% which means that pornography filming sites are filming without necessarily adhering to health and safety regulations. This is a concern because there remains many outlets for higher risk films such as films involving blood, and viral loads which have stricter health guidelines in order to help guarantee the safety of the models.