Visiting Good Vibrations in Berkeley always shows you new toys and brands available. Let’s go down a list of available sex toys and their purposes.


First off is the rabbit vibrator. This toys has been made popular by the television series Sex and the City where Miranda gets the rabbit and gets off. Although there are so many variations on vibrators, this has been the one all, do all toy that has been highly recommended by all sex stores alike. The rabbit now comes in many brands and colors from thrusting rabbits, to rabbits with additional anal stimulation, to rabbits with rotating beads.

Next are dildos of all kinds. There is a wide assortment from realistic dildos varying off to comical such as Thor’s Hammer. There are many that are intended for stimulation of the G-spot and if they have a wide base, then also the prostate with curved edges to maximize stimulation. There are also ejaculating dildos with pumps that the makers originally designed for artificial insemination but are now being used as a fun sexy toy!

~Sexpert Reyna