I had the pleasure of assisting Sensual Sara with her first community project on April 15th.  The community consisted of 7 females, from Sara’s floor in Clark, all of whom were extremely lovely and so much fun to work with.  We actually combined two workshops into one session, mostly for the convenience of everyone considering its getting close to the end of the semester and everyone’s schedule is a little too busy to accommodate for three individual workshops.  We presented the Intro to Sexual Health and Sexual Debuts Workshops.


The community seemed very welcoming of all the concepts and activities.  We started off by going around and everyone getting a sexy name.  After that we went into explaining contraceptives and had everyone practice proper condom use on a woody.  We continued our introduction on sexual health by explaining some other contraceptives and lubes.  To end that segment of the workshop, we did the exploding condom activity in order to further drive home the point that oil-based lube degrades latex, however, the people using the oil-based lube did not inflate their condoms very much and it did end up taking a while to pop.  Besides the unusual circumstances, I still believe they understood the point of the activity.  We then went on to talk about sexual debuts and the more positive and inclusive meaning behind it as compared to the idea of virginity.  Finally, we wanted to give a small surprise and gave a small talk on sex toys! We brought the demonstration box from Tang Center and talked to them about some stuff we had learned from good vibrations.  Overall, it was a really fun and interactive workshop!  Congrats on your first workshop, Sara!

~Mellow Melissa