This week, the DeCal class covered topics involving Healthy Relationships and Sexual Debuts. I opened a discussion within the class about what they thought healthy relationships are, and as college-aged people, the students had a general understanding about what a healthy relationship is and what it should feel like. Healthy relationships are characterized by love, support, and bettering each other. Unhealthy relationships are those that thrive off of power, control, and jealousy. Every party in a relationship has the capacity to communicate with each other, and communication eventually becomes the ultimate tool in helping guide a relationship towards a healthy standing. Our class used several examples from Steven Universe, a show on Cartoon Network that, at first glance, seems like a regular kids show, actually proves itself to be underlying with various mentions to healthy relationships and how they can become unhealthy and controlling at times.

For the second half of the class, we covered Sexual Debuts, which is an up-and-coming concept which tries to eliminate “virginity” as a widely used term. Virginity cannot be biologically proven, and it is not innate in human nature. Due to this, it is a social construct and we, as a society, give it definitions and use it to alienate others. The concept of a sexual debut is much different since literally anything you want to consider your sexual debut is your sexual debut. A kiss, a touch, a grope, an insertion, and many other things can be considered a sexual debut. It defines the blurred lines of virginity, and the concept of “first base, second base” is done away with so that everyone has a clear understanding about where they stand in terms of their sexuality, if they choose to be sexual. Everyone has the capacity to experience a sexual debut because it is theirs to claim without society dictating whether they are virgins or not.

Remember: Communication is lubrication!

-Super Soaker Sergio