On April 15, 2016 at 4:30 pm I did my very first SHEP outreach! It was held at Clark Kerr where I co­facilitated the program with student leader Melissa. We had seven girls show up to the room­ our topic was Intro to Sexual Health and Sexual Debuts. Melissa and I prepared our outline earlier in the week to ensure that we would cover all the aspects within these two wide topics. As the workshop date approached, I felt confident and sure that our presentation would be a hit. Half an hour prior to the workshop, some nerves kicked in­ I never like admitting that I’m nervous, but hey, public speaking can’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Lots of familiar faces shuffled in and Melissa and I started the presentation. First, we set some ground community rules, then moved onto Sexy Names as an icebreaker­ it was received with a lot of giggles and laughter. We asked our audience to define sex, and moved onto discussing safe sex and the various methods of practicing it. Next we demonstrated condom balloons and the condom popping demonstration which was met with a lot of laughter and made for some lubed up souvenirs. Next, we went over sexual debuts, discussing why the concept of virginity carries a negative stigma in comparison to using the term sexual debut. We also brought out sex toys and passed them around­ all the girls were very amused by the various kinds of dildos and vibrators we had in the bag and we even had a volunteer try the strap on. We ended the presentation by opening it up to any remaining questions where we were mostly asked about the different kinds of hormonal contraceptives and letting everyone know that the Tang center has people that they can talk to if they’re interested in receiving advice or more information. With that, we concluded my first outreach event­ it went fantastically thanks to my great audience and an even bigger thanks to Melissa.