So, I know every time STDs are mentioned many people think of the disturbing photos from some of the worst cases.  Well I just wanted to add some fun facts and in general just some STD facts to consider!  I found a website (Health 24) that had an entire info graphic with some interesting facts, and I wanted to highlight a few.

So let me start listing the ones that stood out to me.  The first fact shown states that the term “venereal disease” has its ties to Venus, the goddess of love.  “Venereal” is derived from the possessive form of Venus in Latin, therefore having a sexually transmitted disease was also known as having “Venus’ disease.”  Another fact I found interesting was that the elderly are one group that has a high risk of catching STDs and researchers believe that Viagra may be part of the reason.  Additionally, during George Bush’s administration the CDC reported that STDs and teen pregnancy were occurring at a high rate.  The Bush administration was known for pushing the “abstinence only” sex education, and although it cannot be proven that the lack of education was to blame, it does make sense because teens would not have been learning of ways to protect themselves if they did not follow through with abstinence.  My final higlighted fact is that it was found that southern states were the least likely to teach sex education comprehensively AND they were the states with the highest rates of STDs and pregnancies during the Bush Administration.  Ultimately, I hope you all enjoyed these highlights and I especially hope you note the correlations between STDs and products and teaching methods.  Be safe and sexy!

~Sexpert Melissa