It was my first time ever driving through this city, much less setting foot in it. I drove up Santa Monica Boulevard watching the monetary values of the properties I was passing drop and drop. Once I got into the part of town where transvestite prostitutes were at every corner I had reached my destination: The Pleasure Chest.

It two months after I had turned 18 and I had wanted to go to a sex toy store since then. This was my first chance I’d had now that I had a job and someone to go with (I had been nervous to go alone knowing their skeevy reputations). The guy I had been dating lived in Los Angeles, so I had looked up the store with the best reviews around there and that search had brought me here. With its surroundings and run down outside, I had begun to wonder how it had earned those reviews when I pulled up. However, once I entered I saw why.

My surrounding was every horny repressed teenager’s dream. All varieties of colors, sizes, and quality of dildos, vibrators, kegal balls, male masturbators, lingerie, and strap-ons were around me along with a decently comprehensive kink section. Everything was well organized and well lit and I was immediately approached by a kind staff member who asked if I was looking for anything in particular.

What I had been rehearsing in the car on the way over immediately slipped out of my mouth, “I need a vibrator that’s quiet.”

“How quiet?”

“Dorm room quiet.”

She immediately gave me a few quiet options, breaking down the pros and cons of each one. After selecting one, I wandered around soaking in my surrounding before heading back to my partner’s place. After trying it, I knew I had made the right decision.

Without the sales associate’s help, I wouldn’t have known where to even start. Online the selection seems overwhelming and often people end up with something that’s low quality and/or not what they were looking for. That’s why I suggest not matter how nervous you may be, you should consider going to a brick and mortar store for most sex toy purchases. Look at reviews online and go to a nice one (Good Vibrations is a Bay Area jewel with one located right here in Berkeley). Don’t worry about anyone judging you…they decided to work there/visit the store for the same reason as you: pleasure!

~Caning Kylie