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The Center for Disease Control and Prevent encourages us to use the 3 T’s in order to prevent Sexually Transmitted Disease. Too many people avoid this taboo topic, no one wants to talk about Sexual Transmitted Disease. According to the CDC, public health data shows us that there is an STD epidemic occurring in the United States. The CDC mentions that it is “hidden”. To me this means that it is taboo, no one really addresses the issue because no one wants to talk about. Now we find ourselves in this situation. It is estimated that 20 million new STD infection occur each year in the United States, 20 million! This cost the  United States a whopping $16 billion in medical costs. That brings the total of 110 million people with Sexual Transmitted Infection here in the U.S.

What can we do to avoid this situation? The CDC advises to remember the 3 T’s: Talk, Test, and Treat. What does this exactly mean? Talk: talk openly with your partner(s) and your healthcare provides about sex and STDs. This means talking to your partner BEFORE having sex and talking to your healthcare provider about your sexual history. Test: Get tested, Many STDs have no symptoms. Luckily, the Tang Center provides various STD tests with SHIP you only have to pay a small amount of co-pay. Treat: If you test positive for a STD, consult your doctor for proper treatment. Some STDs can be cured or controlled by the use of proper medication.

TREAT. If you test positive for an STD, work with your doctor to get the correct treatment.

If you are unsure of what how to implement these 3 T’s drop by our SHEP’s Sexpert Education Clinic hours where a fellow peer can help you better communicate or implement these 3 T’s. They can also guide you to proper resources in order to get tested or/and treated.                     -Jizzy Jasmin