On Wednesday April 13th from 11am-2pm, I was tabling for SHEP. I felt a bit anxious to be on my own as I got out the bag of condoms and lube to pass out. I grew more comfortable as time passed and people passing through Sproul accepted the safer sex supplies. Throughout the hour when there wasn’t as many students walking by, I went and talked to other tables. I gave a short pitch about how I am part of SHEP at the Tang Center and how we are a sex-positive program that wants to promote sexual health education and provide outreach to students on campus. It was a really sunny day so I ended up getting sunburnt on my cheeks.

I was waiting and scoping out who would be my random act of sexiness. My RAS came about when I ran into janrasand recognized a girl that I had class with before. We chatted as we caught up and I told her what I was flyering/tabling for. I asked her about the extent of her sexual health education. She did not have anything that she needed to go to immediately so she ended up sitting down with me! I demonstrated how to put a condom on Woody and informed her on the great purposes of lube. She spoke openly and sought relationship advice from me as I told her communication is key. I surprised her with the bag of 50 condoms and we asked someone nearby to take a photo of us. It was truly a great experience to be able represent SHEP.

~SHEPI Janet