April is STI Awareness month! The Center for Disease Control added a section to their website to bring attention to STI awareness month and promote knowledge on how to prevent them. This year’s theme is “Talk. Test. Treat.”   The plan they have is to bring general awareness in the first week of April and each week after that is dedicated to either “Talk,” “Test,” or “Treat.”  So what do each of those entitle exactly? Well, the first week is focused on talking, which the CDC explains as “talking openly to partners, patients, and healthcare providers about sexual health and STDs.” The second week is concentrated on testing and promoting awareness of who and when they should be tested.  The final week of April is dedicated to treatment, in which they want to emphasize “The important role healthcare providers and patients play in making sure STDs are treated correctly.”

I love that they’re doing this that the CDC is putting an effort into making this an interesting and educational month, and especially the fact that they aren’t only emphqsizing the importance to patients but also healthcare providers.  However, I dislike that they don’t really have it advertised on their homepage.  If you google search STD/STI awareness month it is in the top choices but If you go to the CDC’s main website it takes a little digging in the tabs. Either way, I would definitely recommend checking out their very informative page.  Stay safe and sexy!

~Mellow Melissa