I believe people in our life play an important and significant role. Whether they are a really good friend or an acquaintance, that person will play some role. At least, that is what I believe. Some people will bring good experiences, bad experiences, or both. Regardless, it is an experience that can help you learn and grow as a person.

Over this past weekend, I had a powerlifting meet. I went with two friends. One was competing with me and the other was there to cheer us on. At the first event, squats, I failed all three attempts. This resulted in me bombing out of the meet. Fortunately, the people running the meet allowed me to continue on with the other two events, bench press and deadlifts. Even though my lifts for the remainder of the meet did not count, my friends were still there cheering me on and giving words of encouragement. I feel that the role they played in my life was significant that day. They motivated me to go back home, train harder, and to compete again someday. My friends also create such a positive, encouraging training environment that it helps me to look past my mistakes.

Regardless what life experience you are going through, whether it is a hook up, a romantic relationship, or a hobby, people that you are associated with play a role in it. They help contribute to a good and/or bad experience for you. It is important to always take an experience and learn from it, regardless how it impacted you. That’s all for now

-Magic Mike