Our class took a field trip to the Bay Area’s famous sex shop–Good Vibrations. We normally met at our class time and it was an overall great experience. The only drawbacks were that only our men showed up and no women from our class went aside from my co-facilitators! Though it was a brief visit, it definitely served in destigmatizing the idea that sex shops are normally dirty, scary, and unwelcoming. Good Vibrations was an excellent idea for the class, as it showed the students that sex shops can actually look very welcoming and present a great environment for those who want to improve their sex life.

From the students who showed up, I felt as though many of them had excellent questions for the person who was giving us a tour of the store. The tour guide was extremely knowledgeable as they went into great detail about the details of Good Vibrations’ founding and the history of sex toys. Some of our students also had a few questions about sex toys and the tour guide mentioned how toys often come in different textures and materials. A fun fact that the students learned was that some silicone-based lubes can actually deteriorate the making of silicone toys, unless they are of super-high quality and can withstand other silicone products. The class also learned that there are different types of lube which can be used for several purposes. For example, gel and silicone-based lubes do well with anal play since they do not dry up quickly. Water and oil-based lubes on the other hand, usually do well with vaginal play since the vagina is already self-lubricating and do well in aiding the vagina’s natural lubrication for enhanced ease and pleasure. Overall it was an experience I was glad to share with my class!

-Sexpert Sergi(OH!)