This week our class had the honor of hosting Berkeley’s own “Are Cripples Screwed Panel”, and they served as representatives of people with disabilities who wanted to demystify the idea that people with disabilities cannot engage in sexual activities. We had three speakers who came to talk to the class, and I thought it was an overall positive experience which the students really enjoyed because we had high attendance and this was a topic students were eagerly awaiting to learn about.

Alex, one of the speakers, mentioned how they became a person with a disability and how it impacted their life. I recall him mentioning how he was happy that although he is paralyzed, the most sensitive area below his waist was “The Johnson”. I was glad that the speakers really engaged with the classroom, and it was our first actual open talk about sexual experiences within Sex 101, and almost all of the speakers gave an insight of their struggles with their disabilities and how they engaged in sexual activities with others. I do feel as though some of the students had some qucsestions they felt like asking but didn’t do so because they felt as if it wasn’t appropriate, some of the speakers posed questions to the class which led to ample discussion about how society often views people with disabilities as sexless creatures in a way, but they are so much more than that. Just because these people have disabilities does not mean that they are any less capable of sex as able-bodied people are. There exists many ways to have sex, and some people with disabilities have machines and cushions which allow them to position themselves in a way that makes sex much easier for them. Overall, this was perhaps my favorite lecture of the semester because it was interactive, unforgettable, and just really sexy!

-Sexpert Sergi(OH!)