Our last Sex 101 class culminated in a medley of emotions for me since I had never before taught a class. It was an overall great experience for me to be teaching this class this semester, and for our final class we decided to have the students present a topic relating to sex that they found interesting. Our students started us off with a presentation about the commodification of a gay best friend, then some of our students spoke about hentai, aphrodisiacs, greek life, sexual dysfunctions, and their experience within the class. I was really impressed with the presentations because our students, I felt, really went the extra mile when it came to presenting about their topics.

Teaching this class taught me many things, the first of which included my interest with teaching. I honestly wish I had known that I really enjoyed teaching before SHEP, but I’m glad I learned it when I did. I had such a great help from Make it Reyna and Kinks Lynx (Cypress) and we thought all the material that we taught our students was put to excellent use. We were especially pleased with the presentations of 2 of our students and we were so glad to welcome them SHEP this coming semester since they felt as if they wanted to continue sexual health education after our course. Maybe they’ll be teaching this class someday! The presentation which really pulled at our heartstrings was from perhaps our shyest student. At first, our student was quiet and always had a question for us during class, but when they gave their presentation about masturbation, they felt comfortable enough to share that they had actually masturbated for the first time after learning about self-stimulation during class, and how the class taught them to feel comfortable with their sexual debut (which was this semester!). Reyna, Cypress, and I felt so accomplished in learning that. It was perhaps the best end for the class we could have envisioned. I can’t wait for next semester 🙂

-Sexpert Sergi(OH!)