Jamee and I co-taught a workshop at the Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delt) sorority house on Monday.  We covered some heavier topics consent & sexual assault but also did more fun and lighter topics like sexual pleasure & sex toys. It was a lot of subject matter to cover in two hours but we brought it all together by emphasizing the importance of respect for yourself and your body should be the baseline of any sort of sexual experience. Altogether it was a very empowering workshop to teach.

Jamee and I split up the subject matter, with her taking the sexScreen Shot 2016-04-29 at 1.05.20 PMual pleasure & sexual identity portion and with me talking about consent, negotiation and sexual decision making. We talked a lot about the integral pieces to consent culture: how to talk to your partner, in addition to broader ways to ensure a consent culture like bystander intervention and ensuring that survivors are validated. There are things we can do to create and reinforce consent culture inside and outside of a relationship and I’m so glad that I can help spark discussion around this through SHEP.

-Slap Me Consensually Susannah