People are reluctant to talk about pleasure piercings because there remains so much stigma surrounding them. Thankfully, Sexpert Jamee removed some of the stigma by presenting on piercings for the Sex 101 Decal. By presenting on multiple options for both genital and non-genital piercings for males and females, people became interested as they were not aware of many of these options beforehand.

There are some pleasure piercings that do not revolve around the genitals whatsoever such as tongue and nipple piercings. However, there is more variety when you move to the genitals. One of the topics Jamee focused on was moving away and disproving common misconceptions that are held around genital piercings. For one, they do not take an extraordinary amount of time to heal, and they do not speak on your behalf about your sexuality and sex life. Other than busting misconceptions, we discussed some of the types of piercings available and the difficulties in piercing too close to the clitoris. Overall, the topic was super informative as I learned a lot and believe that we began to break through the overlaying stigma.