It’s always a fun time when discussing sex toys, masturbation, and kink in front of a decal full of enthusiastic students! Although students can be shy at first, everyone gets out of their shell quickly as soon as the black box of sex toys comes out! As the jumbo purple dildo with suction cup sticks onto the side of the desk, all formalflogities and shyness goes away and the questions begin. Can I touch that, what lubricants can I use with this, what about this? It’s always exciting to get students to become comfortable with talking about sex. When Sexpert Cypress moves into discussing the benefits of masturbation there are a few quick giggles but that also goes away as soon as we begin asking the class questions and begin a very sex positive discussion.

As wild as the class was about sex toys, the class just got louder as we dimmed the lights and said it was time to talk about kink. We dove into a quick overview and discussion of defining kink and briefly going over popular fetishes with a sex positive approach. In attempts to demystify some aspects of kink, the class definitely became enthusiastic and started asking questions. This was one of my favorite discussions of the semester as the class was the most interactive!