This year I tabled for a few hours on the Wednesday of National Condom week. I got to do a variety of tasks including explaining SHEP and their services to people at the table, helping SHEPis and DeCal’ers obtain needed supplies, and even wearing the vulva costume for about an hour.

My experience tabling at this event was very positive. My previous experiences tabling for SHEP were more negative with people laughing and pointing at woody and outright refusing condoms. However, there seemed to be a lot more sex positive people traversing Sproul that day because the reaNCWPictKyliections were much different. Many people walked up to our table requesting information (we demonstrated how to use an insertive condom twice!) and playing our game, a large amount of students asked to take pictures with the penis and vulva costumes, and we even ran out of condoms!

The Sexual Health Education Program definitely increased their outreach that day and  look forward to Sexual Health Awareness Week and other events next semester so more students can obtain free safer sex supplies and learn how to have safer, sexier sex. J


~Caning Kylie