On Tuesday April 12th Sergio, Reyna, and I had a workshop on STIs, Contraceptives, and Healthy Relationships with the Queer Student Union.

Reyna began the workshop with stats and knowledge on STIs which engrossed some of the biology majors in the room who even asked questions on how specific things were measured. Then Sergio went into contraceptives, showing what both a dental damn and an insertive condom looked like and demonstrating how to use a traditional condom on a banana beginning with the most important step, Consent!

I then led the last section of the workshop on Healthy Relationships using the slides I had received good feedback on from my Decal students which featured clips from Steven Universe suggested to me by Sergio. I discussed the varying levels of openness one may choose to have romantically or sexually in a relationship (including the different versions of polyamory which people tend to not know as much about) as well as defining the most important part of any relationship- communication! We then went over conflict and jealousy resolution as well has how/when to break up with a partner which all spawned good discussions.

Overall, I would say we were well received and look forward to facilitating my next workshop! J

~Caning Kylie