March 2016 - Blog 2 (sexy destressing)

Being a student at UC Berkeley often means having to study for exams and/or completing projects continuously throughout the semester. With this often comes physical and emotional stress. Here are some unconventional (and sexy) ways to de-stress:

  • Mutually masturbating with a partner(s) 😉
  • Go on a hike! There are so many scenic hikes all over the bae, and it’s even sexier having sex in the middle of nowhere with a breathtaking view in the background 😉
  • Take a pole-dancing class!
  • Check out SF Citadel and/or The Armory!
  • Go to a concert! There are plenty of free ones around the bae if you’d rather not break your bank.
  • Engage in tantric sex!
  • Be nude on a local nude beach! Also great way to get some tanning/swimming in 🙂
  • Treat yo self to a new sex toy!
  • Explore a city in the bae area! SF is usually the go-to city, but Sausalito, Oakland, Alameda, and Treasure Island are also great places!
  • Naked yoga.
  • Sexpert Linda