April 2016 - Blog 1 (oral sex myths)

A very common theme that I have heard echoed throughout this entire semester has been the lack of protection during oral sex. Here is my attempt to dispel some myths around this subject ~

Myth 1: You can’t catch STIs during oral! This is false! Did you know you can get scabies, genital/oral warts, and/or pubic lice just from skin to skin contact? And that’s just SKIN! If there is any contact with bodily fluids during any sexual experience, there is definitely a chance of getting an STI because of exposure to cells through tiny cuts and holes. This includes contact with vaginal secretions, cum, pre-cum, feces, and urine. I don’t mean to scare you, but there is definitely a real chance of STI transmission during unprotected oral sex.

Myth 2: There’s no easy way to protect during oral sex… like is that even a thing? Yes, there are many barrier methods that can be used during oral sex to protect you from STIs! Condoms can be used on penises, and dental dam can be used on vulvas and anuses. Gloves and finger cots are also other safe options to use in conjunction with the previously mentioned methods. Basically, you want to have a physical barrier to protect yourself from your partner(s)’ bodily fluids to lower the risk of transmission.

Myth 3: Using protection doesn’t feel as good/pleasurable as when I go bare! This actually varies for everyone, so I’ll count this as a half myth. Regardless, you should prioritize your safety and sexual health first. Will unsafe sex be worth it in the long run? Will you be happy if you get an STI but knew that you could have prevented it? Are you and your partner(s) willing to get tested before engaging in risky activities? In addition, there are alternatives if you want to focus on pleasure. You can give a hand job or finger your partner(s) instead if you don’t want to have unprotected oral sex.

  • Sexpert Linda