April 2016 - Tabling on Sproul

On Wednesday, April 27, I tabled for SHEP on Sproul for about an hour and a half with a SHEPI. This was just another normal tabling day for SHEP. However, every time I table, it’s always a new experience for me and I end up learning so much from interacting with our student body.

The most surprising and intellectually stimulating part of tabling was talking to another student about barrier methods and stigmas surrounding sex. This particular student had known what a dental dam was (from a movie), but he was very adamant in believing that people don’t/won’t use it. I shared with him the importance of safe oral sex and that not many people even think of using protection during oral. I then explained that that’s where SHEP comes in! We continued to talk about a range of other topics as well.

What I really appreciated was when he challenged me (and another SHEPI) by asking if we’ve ever used (or would use) a dental dam or insertive condom. Both of us answered “no.” This really had an impact on me. As a SHEP student leader, I personally feel it is important that I try the various barrier methods that SHEP provides for free, especially since I actually do want to anyway. I thought to myself “why should I promote a product that I’ve never even tried?”

At the end of the day, I know I didn’t change this student’s strong opinions on matters surrounding sex and sexual health, but I really enjoyed hearing his perspective and experiences. I really appreciated being challenged and having to explain my perspective and knowledge on things as well.

  • Sexpert Linda