April 2016 - RAS

A fellow SHEP student leader had told me that West Circle was a great place to do random acts of sexiness (RAS). So that’s where I found myself one Wednesday evening as I walked home. I stopped right before the intersection of Oxford and Center, and thought that this was the best place to catch people going home/towards BART.

I had 25 condoms on hand and managed to pass them all out within thirty minutes. This didn’t surprise me because in my previous experiences, random acts of sexiness are very easy and quick to complete. I definitely liked this location more than Sproul because no one expects free condoms at West Circle. Like usual though, many people shyly declined and/or walked away with surprised looks on their faces.

Completing another RAS was a great reminder of how much work still needs to be done to promote sex positivity and to breakdown stigmas. SHEP is such a sex-positive space where I often lose myself among amazing leaders. Sometimes I forget that the majority of our campus (and the world) does not know what sex positive sexual health means/entails/looks like.

  • Sexpert Linda