April 2016 - KASA Workshop

On Thursday, April 28, I co-facilitated a workshop with SHEPI Shelly for her community! We presented to the Korean American Student Association (KASA) and covered an introduction to sexual health & consent. The group dynamic was very interesting and it was easy to see that many people did not have much exposure to sexual health talks beforehand. This definitely made it a more intimate environment because I myself had never received any formal sex education growing up so I was able to directly empathize with the others. Even though there were lots of laughs and nervous chatter at the beginning of our presentation, everyone was very open minded and willing to participate in our group discussions and activities.

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting to KASA because there were a lot of great honest questions asked that I had never thought about before. I appreciated the honesty and natural curiosity of everyone present. I love hearing different perspectives and experiences, and being challenged while I am co-facilitating only helps me grow as a person. KASA was very friendly and engaging. Shelly also did a wonderful job and I can’t wait to hear how her second workshop went!

  • Sexpert Linda