Although, I did workshops for my SHEPI project.. I felt way more nervous for this
workshop! It was my first workshop as a SEXPERT! It was a bit nervewrecking,
I was so
nervous I was even sweating. Luckily, it was on a topic I really enjoy… Intro to Sexual Health. In20160301_181603
addition, I had my Mellow Melissa presenting the workshop with me. I felt comfortable with her
around, there is no way I could have done it just by myself (I also did my SHEPI project with
Melissa). I was hoping everything would run smoothly. For the workshop, we talked about
contraceptives and barrier methods. We talked about different types of lube and made students
participate in the popping condom activity.
Overall, it turned out pretty well for my first outreach. Sure, I was a bit nervous but, it was
definitely a learning experience. I realized we ran out of time, I hope to finish on time next
workshop (maybe condense are information a little). I am excited to participate in more
workshops and improve my presenting skills throughout the semester.