I decided to participate in this workshop because I live in Rochdale Village. This time
around my cofacilitator
was Reyna, she as an absolutely amazing facilitator. Definitely well
knowledge on the biological aspects on sexual health! Her presenting skills are amazing, I hope
to be as good as her someday. Working alongside her was great, we presented on the topic of
Sexual Pleasure and Introduction to Sexual Health. The last time I did a presentation on Sexual
Pleasure was in my SHEPI project last semester. We had various example of toys and it always
fun to see people’s faces when we show them the BIG PURPLE DILDO! Also, for the first time I
had finished a presentation in the time span given! YAY!
By far one of my favorite presentations, I really enjoyed the topic and the powerpoint
Reyna created was amazing. Brandon, Rochdale’s Health Worker, attended the workshop and
was super welcoming. I turn out was pretty decent and inclusive, some members even came
and asked us questions about sexual pleasure afterwards. I realized that next semester, I want
to work will different SEXPERTS to see what their styles is in presenting. In addition this will
benefit me because it was allow me to get to know other SEXPERTS better, all while improving
my presentation skills!

~Jizzy Jasmin