Once again, I find myself working with Melissa. YAY! Only this time it was not a
workshop instead, we were tabling on sproul. It was a really cloudy and windy day, to make
matter work the Safer Sex Kits were pretty empty. Melissa and I made do with what we had,
needless to say… the wind blew a lot of flyers :(. A few people came up to us to get safer sex
supplies, one individual came and asked up specifically about the program, and lastly an older
lady came to raid what we had on our table. She told us it was for her grandson, in addition she
made a statement about using Coconut Oil as lube. I found this tip intriguing because I was
never told to use coconut oil as lube. Surely enough, I asked our Sex Goddess Robin if coconut
oil was safe to use as lube. She assured us that for male or penis masturbation is it fine but
people should not be using it near their vagina because it can lead to a yeast infection. That
tabling experience taught me something new and it was also nice to see someone interested in


~Jizzy jasmin