This was my first time doing HIV Check In! Although, I have done HIV Tabling outside
the Tang Center before HIV Check In was slightly different. As the name implies my job was to
check in people who were coming in for HIV testing. It was nice to see a good turn out, I’m glad
more people our using our FREE services. Most importantly, I’m glad to see the UC Berkeley
community caring about their Sexual Health by taking the time to have themselves tested. It was
a great hours, I met a lot of lovely people from many different backgrounds. I’m sad I only
signed up for one HIV checkin
this semester, I really hope to sign up for more my fall semester.
I hope the turnout continues to grow because it means more people are making their sexual
health a priority. Hopefully we continue to get funds for this amazing program and maybe even
make it portable. By portable I mean being able to set up in different places around campus
such as the GenEq office.

~Jizzy Jasmin