With our SHEPvib class, we took a field trip down to Good Vibrations in downtown Berkeley to explore the sex shop! I had never been to a store like that before and it truly was an eye opening experience. I was surprised at how nice, clean, and inviting the space was. I had always pictured a sex shop to be like a dungeon: dark, spooky, with creepy people behind the counters. Instead, Good Vibrations was brightly lit, with cute chandeliers, and very informed and helpful staff that taught us a lot about their store and supplies. Entire walls were devoted to vibrators, anal plugs, strap-ons, and more. I had never seen so many different types of flavored condoms, shapes and sizes of dildos, or anything sex toy related, for that matter. The staff was very helpful and trained to answer any questions regarding anything in the realms of sex and pleasure. I definitely would recommend checking out Good Vibrations!