Today I was on Sproul today tabling with Vidhi. It was a rainy day so not as many people came to the table during the first hour. I would say only one person came up to us to check out the safer sex supplies. During the second hour, I tabled with Linda. The sun started to come up, so more people came. One of my friends, who is very outgoing, came to the table and did a quite interesting job encouraging others to come to the table. During that hour, many high school students who were visiting the campus came to the table. It was an interesting dynamic because they were mainly interested in the stress balls and lollipops. The stress balls were a hit though! Many people took them, but a lot more people were less reluctant to take the stress balls that were condom shaped. In the beginning third hour, I continued to table and more people came up to the booth. It also helped that it was Black Wednesday, so many black students were interested in picking up safer sex supplies. All in all, it started slow, but I’d say we reached about thirty to thirty five people

~SHEPI Autumn