On Thursday, April 28, I had the pleasure of giving a presentation on Introduction to Sexual Health and Consent to thIMG_1666e Korean American Students’ Association (KASA) as my first community outreach project!

Growing up in Asia, I never had the chance to receive proper sexual health education because sex is considered as taboo. As a future leader of KASA, I wanted to make sure that my organization has a solid foundation and knowledge on sexual health and consent so that the members of our club can have a safe and sexy time at our social events!

With the help of my co-facilitator Sexpert Linda and her extensive knowledge, I was able to give a successful Intro to Sexual Health and Consent presentation to KIMG_1667ASA. We started off the session byy giving each other “Sexy Names” that my peers still continue to use in our conversations outside of the SHEP workshop. We then gave a short and basic lecture of the anatomy and physiology of the male and female reproductive system and ended the presentation with an introduction to affirmative consent and Dizzy Condoms. As my audience was mostly male, we spent a lot of time answering questions on the female reproductive system. It was also interesting to hear and discuss
consent with my male peers who brought up concerns how “Yes means Yes” makes it seem like it is the male’s role to ask for consent and to continually check if consent has been revoked.

I learned a lot from teaching my peers and really enjoyed the discussions I had with them. I can’t wait for my next workshop tomorrow with Sexpert SergiOH on Safer Sex!

-SHEPI Shelly