I did my RAS (Randojameetdm Act of Sexiness) at my sorority, Tri Delta. In case you aren’t aware, a RAS is when we go at a random time to pass out safer sex supplies. This was probably one of the best reactions I have had to a RAS yet. Previously I have had to really encourage people to take the condoms from me, but in this instance I had women coming up and asking me if I had more condoms, dental dams, internal condoms and even more information.


I gave out a total of 50 traditional condoms and one FC2 internal condom, since we didn’t have any others. They all went in about 10 minutes or less, which is a record for me.


Overall, the reaction to it was incredibly positive. The condoms went quickly, and unlike in past experiences nobody looked at me like I was crazy and offering them something illegal. Even if the person said they weren’t sexually active, they often took one just in case, so they could be safe and prepared if they decided to partake. This was really important, because you might not be sexually active but having condoms doesn’t mean you have to it just means that you’re preparing just in case you decide to! It never hurts to be prepared!

~Sexpert Jamee